xxof asked:
Hey you! :D

hey whats up 

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llebeinna asked:
your eyes<3

thank you :) 

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mersaydes asked:
I was scrolling down my dash, when i saw that you just recently reblogged something. I fangirled. It's been awhile since you bloged. hi.

lol awww yeah its not the same for me anymore but Im glad you like my blog :)

follow me on twitter if you like @jsantos13

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Anonymous asked:
i just sat here, going through ALL your posts. from day one. seriously. #oldtumblr

things like this makes my day :)

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Anonymous asked:
I've missed you Julian, the old tumblr in general. When I first came along your page, i would reblog like everything. You, yourself is handsome. lol. I miss those days.

awwww im sorry. If you tell me who this is we could talk more often. Just ask for my number or follow me on twitter. ?@jsantos13 

The new tumblr I dont like either

Thank you for the compliments though :)  

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